Was US-Amerikaner unter Verkehrserziehung verstehen

21 01 2010

Menschen, die sich gerne Videos dieser Güte ansehen, werden danach über die Unfälle reden, und die lächerlich dürftige Botschaft am Ende des Clips schon vergessen haben. Wieso also werden solche Videos im Auftrag des National Safety Councils überhaupt genutzt? Interessant ist auch, was einzelne „Kommentatoren“ zu diesem Video im Internet hinterlassen haben:
a) „That TransAm driver should have used turbo boost. He clearly wasn’t paying attention as a kid.
b) „There are problems with this, and the only explanation is FATE controlled the whole thing. If that truck had dropped its load, EVERYONE behind Should have seen it and started stopping at the FIRST few logs. Diesel does not explode that well. AS well as an 18wheeler going down the Wrong side of the freeway.. Yes I understand ITS A MOVIE.. But the logs would have Rolled off and bounced to the Center meridian area/LOW spot between the N. and S. lanes and probably STOPPED or even went to the OTHER side.. BUT, Logic and physics dont rule in this series of movies..
c) „The Romans had gladiator fights to satisfy their blood lust, we moderns have Internet snuff videos.