How do you pronounce Mutya’s name?

28 04 2009

Is it Mut-ya or Mu-tia?
I say Moot-ya
I say Moot (rhyming with foot) -ya
I always said Mutya, but then when she released Song 4 Mutya, she can be heard saying Mu-tia
I say mut-ya
Mutya Name Is Sais Like Mu-tia
Mut – tee – a
I say like Mutchya..
Davina says Moocher!
ive always said her name is said mut – IA!!
mutya said it was mu-tee-ya but i always said mut-ya!
I use to say it like Muoo-ta But then Davina and she said Mut-cha or something
Mu-tia coz its pronounced like that on one of the sugababes songs (Y)
Basing by the way it’s pronounced in her song I’d say it’s muh-tee-yuh.
I think Mut as in a dog then Yah is in.. Yah..
I say it „MUT YUH“ haha
I’m a filipino and it’s actually pronounced as Mut-cha.

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